Dark Desires, Christine Feehan, Carpathians
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Paranormal Element: Vampires
Series: Carpathians (book 2)
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In a similar style as the first book, Dark Prince, Dark Desires is a well rounded book, with very well formed characters and a neat world of heady emotional flavor. Yet, the ‘damaged’ heroine and macho male lead made the romance fall flat for me. But fans of contemporary romance and that don’t need a snarky, tough female lead (like me! I’m sooo predictable) should really enjoy.

A Carpathian male, hunted and imprisoned in the Earth. A female hunted her entire life. A presence has been in her mind for the last seven years which started with the most intents pain. The presence is drawing her to Europe, to the Carpathian Mountains…and to a man buried in a basement, a man that might be her fate and hold the answers to the questions that have plagued her all her life.

Again, Juanita Parker is the narrator and I again, she did an excellent job in pronunciation and accents. Her “male” voices didn’t sound odd or badly formed.

Adult content, sexual encounters and violence. This is recommended for fans of Nora Roberts in the romance sense and Gena Showalter in the vampy sense.

3/20 books