Dark Prince, Christine Feehan, Carpathians
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Paranormal Element: Vampires
Series: Carpathians (book 1)
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These books are of an odd flavor. What I would describe as a book trapped between the flavorful common threads of paranormal romance and the throbbingly descriptive genre of contemporary romance. Dark Prince is a book that set the stage. When the vampire genres were just becoming romantic, Feehan paired a very male and overbearing vampire with a “little woman” and created a world. I recognize that Feehan is an excellent writer and I actually very much enjoyed the world she created…but unfortunately I’m very turned off by meek heroines and over made male heroes, so I didn’t quite enjoy the romance as much as I do in other stories. But…I will read on to other books of her series, because I find her writing charming, her characters full and the world highly engaging. I’ll just giggle my way through parts when it gets too much.

Deep within the Carpathian Mountains a race of beings live. Carpathians, immortal, strong, shape shifters…blood drinkers. With their immense power and immortality you would think they would rule, but they are dying out. Few women exist among them and humans hunt them. If a Carpathian male doesn’t find his soulmate within a certain time period he will eventual become detached from his emotions and slowly go mad, either succumbing to madness and killing, which turns him into a vampire, or ending his own life.

Prince Mikhail Dubrinsky, the leader of the Carpathians is on the brink of madness. He is at the point where he is willing to give in to his terrible loneliness when he hears her voice in his head. The voice is consoling, kind and female. Mikhail becomes instantly obsessed with the female, whose name is Raven Whitney, a very powerful psychic. From the moment they meet, Mikhail and Raven are instantly connected and their is no going back. But, while they explore these new feelings and experiences something hunts the Carpathians. Something that would see that the Carpathians are rendered extinct.

Well written and rather robust, Feehan has a way with descriptions and character formation. I was entertained, even though the romance didn’t have that “hot” effect on me that other differently formed romances have on me. Juanita Parker is the narrator and I think she did an excellent job in pronunciation and accents. Her “male” voices didn’t sound odd or badly formed.

Adult content, sexual encounters and violence. This is recommended for fans of Nora Roberts in the romance sense and Gena Showalter in the vampy sense.

2/20 books