Heat Stroke by Rachel Caine, Weather Warden Book 2
Genre:Urban Fantasy
Paranormal Element: Magic, Djinn
Series: Weather Warden, Book 2
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A good follow-up to Ill Wind, I was excited to read book 2 and am pretty impressed with this series as a whole. Joanne is a very compelling character and the world just keeps expanding and expanding to encompass more characters and elements, just making things better. This one did slow down a bit in the middle and left me with a cliffhanger…so the rating went down from the first book, but I will be reading on.

Picking straight up from the end of Ill Wind, Joanne’s life has come to an end and she is reborn as a Djinn. Life as a Djinn is different from the living and Joanne has a lot to get used to, including her new vast power supply. But, just as she is settling in to her new life, a huge threat appears in the aetheric – and it could destroy everything in it’s path.

The characters make this series. Joanne is a wonderful heroine and every problem she finds herself in, I was right there rooting for her. Even the bad guys were so utterly evil and dastardly I just wanted to scream. Put me alone in a room with Yvette…kick, slap, punch, bite…pulling hair is not beneath me!

This is a great series, and I can’t wait to read more.

Adult content, a few sexual references, some cursing, violence. Fans of Urban Fantasy should really enjoy, series like Richelle Meads Succubus series, or Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson series should enjoy.