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Hi, my name is Shannon, I”m going to turn 30 this month and you can generally find me Stalking the Bookshelves for the next great read!. I’m a happily married mother of two, who’s love for reading began when I was very short, no really, even shorter then I am now!  As the child of a military officer, I moved around a lot and often found myself alone in the summer without any friends. Since my siblings are a few years older then me, my mom would always find me the nearest library so I could stock up on books until school started. Books often helped me escape the uncertainty of a new place and as I got older, moving got easier (I even married someone in the military) but thankfully my love for reading never faded.

Two months ago, I decided to give this whole blogging thing a try, not knowing a single thing about how to do it. Many of my friends and family don’t read YA books and I wanted to find a way to interact with other readers that share my same YA obsession! Best Idea Ever! I have talked with so many amazing people and discovered so many wonderful YA books that I didn’t even know were out there. I’m really in love with what I’m doing! There’s only two thing that would make it better, if I got paid for it and I could find a way to read faster! 🙂


What book(s) have you discovered lately from someone’s book blog?

My best book find was the series by Gini Koch. I had never heard of it and I saw a few Waiting Ons…and fun stuff like that over the bloggyverse and then my book group picked it. I would never have picked it up except for that! And now lovin’ me some Gini Koch.
Touched by an AlienAlien Tango

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