Bloodlist (Vampire Files No. 1) by P.N. Elrod
Genre:Urban Fantasy, Mystery
Paranormal Element: Vampire
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Review of the audio book from the library, reader: Barrett Whitener

As a young teen I was a closet fan of the Sam Spade type mysteries. I went through a Nancy Drew period even! So, what better way to bring back childhood memories, and still stimulate my paranormal interest by having a who-done-it murder mystery and slap fangs on the protagonist.  Mafia bosses, depression era mannerisms, sexy, sultry club singers and text-book vampires are all combined in a mystery of vampiric proportions, who could ask for anything more? This book was a pure delight and I will admit that I was pleasantly surprised.

When Jack Fleming washes up on the Lake Michigan shore with a bullet hole in his chest and a new taste for blood he knows things haven’t been going his way lately. Once a pretty hot-stuff reporter from New York, Jack set his sites on Chicago and greener pastures only to find that Chicago’s mob infestation might be a little hazardous to his health. Now, with a new set of fangs, a private investigator as an unlikely ally and some green in his pocket, Jack Fleming has a mission, find out who killed him, and why.

Larger than life characters paired with a thrilling mystery, Bloodlist (Vampire Files No. 1) left me with a thirst (har har) for more and a burning desire to sport a trench coat. I really hate to say that I was surprised, but I was. This was a audio download from the great Jefferson Parish Library – and I hadn’t heard much at all about the book or author. I love new introductions.

So, if you like a good mystery and have a thing for the solar challenged…give this one a try, you just might find a great new series.

Adult content, but nothing overwhelmingly risque. If you are a fan of murder mysteries and early 19th century historicals this one is for you.

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