Building Magic by Lilly Cain

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Erotic
Series: The Sins and Virtues, Book 1
Paranormal: Fey
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I was expecting this one to be more than what it was. The cover is beautiful and the mix of historical, faeries and lustiness sounded like a good idea. Featherstone’s storyline was also well thought out and the plot flowed well. Where the problems arose, in both tone and content, had me skimming pages and just barely finishing.

On first seeing the Seelie Queen, the wicked Unseeling King fell in mad infatuation and stole her away to his court. There he kept her as his lover under lock and key and forced to be his lover. When she became pregnant the King’s ministrations relaxed and upon delivery of the two children she managed to flee…taking with her one of the twins, the one that resembled the lighter skinned Seelie. She also cursed the Seelie court, damning the Unseelie to wither away unless the princes of the court can woo seven virtues and bring them willingly back to their court to be their mates.

Every 100 years, the Seelie queen imbues seven women with the virtues and does her damnest to keep the virtues for herself, instead of allowing the sinful Unseelie to have them.

Thane is an Unseelie prince, his sin is lust. He is rules by his sin and his fated virtue is Chastity. Duke Lennox has four daughters, which the Seelie queen imbued with four virtues. Named for their virtues Chastity is so much her virtue she can not even fathom being excited by a man. Upon viewing Thane all that changes…and the wooing commences. Thane is a wanton thing and Chastity as pure as they come. She knows what she feels for Thane is wrong and she knows he can’t be trusted, but his lure is just too much.

Plot wise the story had great potential. It sounded complex enough to entertain and keep things moving. Unfortunately a miss-mashed tone did a lot to make me begin to not enjoy. The first half of the book was wonderful but as the story progressed and flip-flopped from an antique tone to a more modern tone I began to not really like as much. On top of that there was a tone of sex scenes. One after another after another. Yes, this is an erotic novel…but it was just a bit overdone at times. It was scene after scene of popping tatas out of stays. So, I did a lot of skimming.  I’m trying not to be a total snark here, but it was just a lot of back and forth.

Thane: I want to plunder your virginal sexiness.
Chastity: No, I am virtuous.
Thane: Oops my hand just popped your boobs out. Well while they are bared I might as well have a bit of fun. Even though we are in a garden and people can see us at any moment.
Chastity: Stop you mongrel! Oh, well that feels good.
Thane: Yep! I’m the man.
Chastity: I’m so ashamed.

I just didn’t feel the romantic connection. Thane was just being lusty and Chastity was succumbing to his dark fey hotness.  I felt the Chastity fall…doesn’t every virgin fall for her first? But, with Thane I didn’t feel it.

Adults only, fans of historical romance might enjoy.