Building Magic by Lilly Cain

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Erotic
Paranormal: Shifter / Dragon
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The dragon shifters I tend to stay away from, but the synopsis on this one sounded intriguing. My main reason for the skittishness is that they do tend to be a little over the top. While I like dragons, authors sometimes portray dragon/men doing odd things that I really don’t find sexy. Cain did a great job of proving my racism unfounded though, and had me entertained with a very good dragon story. While some parts did have me go “Oh my,” I was quickly engrossed and found the ebook quite charming.

Tina Moreland is an architect spending her summers building skyscrapers as a welder. A bit on the repressed side she has taken to using her binoculars at lunch break to watch a particularly sexy exec across the way strip down for his own odd lunch breaks. So caught up in his last little strip tease, Tina looses her footing and plummets off the side of the building. The scream rouses Devin Ken’Draga from the spell he was performing and he immediately jumps to save the woman. Things go wrong though and both are sent to his own world, a world of dragons and war…and there is no going back.

An engaging, fantastical tale that had me engrossed from the beginning because of the charm of both characters. Tina and Devin were both very forth-coming characters that had an easy-to-like personality about them. I really enjoyed reading Tina and Devin’s tale. Tina was fiery and funny and Devin was temperamental and sexy, they made for a great match. The story that wrapped around them was also rather unique and I found myself wanting to know more.

Where the book did run into some problems were the plot threads, there were a few that just didn’t make sense. This was most likely because the book is rather short, and the tale is rather something that could fit in a more bloated novel, so the author made a few jumps that I found needed a little more elaboration and explanation. But, like most books of this genre, if you don’t look too far up the skirt they tend to be very entertaining. Some of the dragon elements were a little off-putting. My imagination kind of drew a blank when I tried to conjure up certain dragon male-parts that were referenced a lot. I just never imagined a dragon with a…well you can finish that thought. Because of this I found myself pondering physics during particular hot and heavy scenes instead of enjoying the romance. Other than that, a fun, quick and titillating read.

I look forward to reading more of Ms. Cain’s work.

A very fantastical tale, paranormal romance fans should enjoy. Adults only of course.