Today we welcome Ms. Sydney Somers to the blog. Ms. Somers is the author of a few — just a few *wink* romance novels, a good bit of which caught this bloggers notice with their paranormal elements. Ms. Somers has also offered up one of her eBooks to one lucky commenter. Details below.

Syndey Somers Bio:

A born and raised Maritimer, Sydney Somers fell in love with writing at the age of eight. Since finishing her first book in 2002, Sydney has written over twenty-five romances—one of which will forever remain hidden under her bed.

When she’s not tracking down remote controls, chasing after her three very energetic children or exterminating rogue dust bunnies, Sydney can be found curled up with a good book or working on her next project.

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PJ:  The world that you created, that the Pendragon Gargoyle series encompasses, is very complex, what inspired it?

SS: Right around the same time these sexy, alpha cat shifters came to life in my head, I had been channel surfing one night and came across King Arthur on tv and something just clicked in my head about tying my shifters to Arthurian Legend. I knew that I wanted to give my shifters a recognizable mythology, but one that still left plenty of room for me to put my own spin on everything.

PJ: Can you tell us a little bit about your particular paranormals, the gargoyle shape-shifters and what makes them tick?

SS: Centuries ago, the gargoyle clans (cats, wolves and dragons) were all cursed by the goddess Rhiannon (King Arthur’s mother) after Arthur’s death. The curse locked them all in their stone state during the daylight. Only mated gargoyles can fight the automatic shift at sunrise, but they still need the stone to help heal injuries and keep them strong. Unfortunately not all gargoyles instantly recognize their mates the first time they lay eyes on them, which makes it fun watching them stumble a long a bit.

Most gargoyles, like other Avalon immortals, are searching for Excalibur, which was lost when Arthur fell in battle. There are six daggers that are believed will lead the way to Excalibur when they are united, but there is one dagger in particular that is especially important to my Callaghan brothers. It’s the key to freeing the youngest brother who has been trapped in his stone state for over a century.

PJ: What made you decide on the big cat shifters?

SS: I’ve written quite a few paranormal romances since I’ve been published, some that are currently out of print, but cat shifters were something I hadn’t gotten the chance to really tackle yet. Plus I’ve always been a huge fan of stories that feature these innately sexy heroes that rely so heavily on their instinct, especially when it comes to the women they fall for.

PJ: The Callaghan brothers (Tristan, Cale & Cian) are quite, well every girl’s fantasy – do you have a favorite?

SS: I’m one of those authors who is pretty much in love with whatever hero I’m writing at the time, so they’ve all been my favorite at one point and for different reasons. I love Tristan’s sense of duty and responsibility, even when it could mean sacrificing his own happiness. I love Cale’s delicious, single-minded pursuit of what he wants and the lengths he’ll go for the woman he loves, even when she wants him dead. And I love Cian’s innocence in a world that has passed him by, and how his thoughts are anything but innocent when it comes to the sorceress he’s determined to have his revenge on.

PJ: I found this entire series very intriguing and there is so much more I would love to explore, should we expect more books from this world?

SS: Definitely more 🙂 There will be at least two more releasing in 2011, Primal Temptation (Briana and Lucan’s story) and another that it still unnamed. After that there will be more books set in this world, but will also feature heroes and heroines that may not be gargoyles.

PJ: How has your journey been as an author? With the growing eReaders in circulation has being an eAuthor become very exciting?

SS: Aside from the paralyzing fear that I won’t be able to write another book every time I sit down to start the next one, my journey has been really wonderful. There have been a few ups and downs along the way, but overall it’s been awesome to grow as a writer, to see my books published and know that maybe one of my stories managed to make someone else forget about their real life, even if it was just for a little while.

The rapidly growing eBook market has been incredible to be a part of. Pretty much every author just wants to entertain readers the way other authors’ books entertain us, and the expanding eBook market means that more readers will be able to discover my gargoyles and hopefully enjoy them. That’s really all any author can hope for.

Thank you Ms. Somers for taking the time to answer my questions!

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