Ecstasy in Darkness by Gena Showalter

Genre: Paranormal/Science Fiction Romance, Series Alien Huntress
Paranormal: Aliens, Vampire etc.
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Review copy from publisher

True to the power that is Gena Showalter, Ecstasy in Darkness delivered a very sexy and powerful punch. Showalter’s characters are larger than life and the romance and passion is something to swoon over. But, like a lot of the other super-charged paranormal series it did tend to get a bit outlandish at some points. I did enjoy this one, even having only read one other Alien Huntress novel.


Ecstasy in Darkness: The toughest, ball-busting agents-to-be of a paranormal alien hunting team are sent to bust the biggest baddie of them all – but one of the hopeful agents during said “pursuit” gets all hot and bothered and ends up wrapped in the big baddie’s arms.

Ecstasy in Darkness is the story of Ava Sans and McKell. Ava is a an agent of Alien Investigations and Removal and McKell is the former leader of the vampire army – unstable, outlandish and very very hard to kill.

McKell has taken down every agent sent to bag and tag him…but like all bad boys they have a particular weakness and his turns out to be Ava. Ava and McKell quickly go from enemies to reluctant allies, to lovers in the blink of an eye and then are on a break neck journey to discover exactly what McKell’s past has in store for them, which in the end turns out to be a little more than any of them expected.

Quick moving and intense, Ecstasy in Darkness had me wrapped up from the onset but in the middle fell a little flat, quickly to pick up speed again. I found the characters very entertaining and really enjoyed reading about Ava. McKell was a bit on the arrogant and overpowering vampy boy side, but in the end he grew on me. Overall an entertaining read and I can’t wait to read more from Ms. Showalter, she hasn’t disappointed yet.

Fans of Showalter shouldn’t have to be told to read this one. This is a good transition novel from Science Fiction to Paranormal Romance. Fans of authors such as Laurel K Hamilton, Sherrilyn Kenyon and Kim Harrison, if you haven’t read Showalter yet, you might want to give her a try.