Mister Monday (Keys to the Kingdom (Prebound)) Mister Monday (Keys to the Kingdom) by Garth Nix
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PJVs QUICKIE POV:  An engrossing read from the start, Mister Monday is a fabulous start to this fantastical YA series. Reminiscent of YA literary greatness such as The Harry Potter Series and The Percy Jackson Series, Nix has written an original, fantasy, adventure tale that had this reader enraptured from the start.  Where Rowling wrapped magically charged tales, with bits of ancient myths and history, Nix takes us to a world wrapped in space and time, interspersed with SAT words that had my brain churning.  I can only compare this to one of my favorite series as a child, L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time. Yet, where L’Engle’s stories are a bit dated, Mister Monday is a modern tale that young readers can relate to. Parents pass this one to your teens!

REVIEW: After a stint in the hospital because of his asthma, Arthur Penhalgion is starting a new school.  Not knowing protocol Arthur is forced to run cross country with his other school mates which sets off another asthma attack. As he lay gasping for breath, what Arthur believes to be a hallucination over takes him and he is confronted by two strange characters, one in rolling tub.  A few cryptic comments later, they hand over what looks like a minute hand of a clock and a small notebook.

Arthur awakes later in the hospital, believing what he saw was a hallucination, until the brother and sister team that saved him show up and mention that they saw the same thing.

Now, Arthur is unwittingly thrust into a power struggle in a different plane of space and time.  A struggle between Wills and Denizens, the Architect of All and some of the oldest creatures in existence. A world appears before him that he had no clue existed and Arthur must play a role or his family and friends might pay a dear price.

An adventure tale like no other, Mister Monday, was edge of the seat good.  The characters were charming, the plot intense, and the World was amazing. Nix has created a realm that is quite breath-taking.  I would love to see this on film, sort of a cross between Alice in Wonderland and A Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I will be reading on. I’m very excited to see what happens to Arthur and I loved picking out the Arthurian references… I love hidden tid bits, especially historical ones.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Parents, pass this on to your teens and tweens. 11+ should enjoy.  There is nothing remotely offensive in the pages.  A definite must read, it is not just entertaining, this should add a few words to your teens vocab.

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