Moonlight Menage by Stephanie Julian
Digital copy provided by Stephanie Julian

PJV’s QUICKIE POV: A sexy tale with a paranormal twist in a very well crafted world of shapeshifters, gods, goddesses and ancient Etruscans. Moonlight Menage is the second book in the Lucani Lovers series created by Stephanie Julian.  Following up Kiss of Moonlight, Moonlight Menage was entertaining, but I did like Kiss much better than Menage.

REVIEW: Tira is an Etruscan witch, destined to slowly go insane because of the gift of sight that has been bestowed on her.  Because of her gift she has had to give up a lot as she cares for her mother, who is also a bearer of the same gift of sight – the sight that has driven her insane.

Tira’s biggest sacrifice has been her boys.  Two shifter men that own her heart. She had planned to give herself to them, both body and soul, but when she touched Nic, visions of his death had her hyperventilating and not feeling quite as sexy as she was before. Tira never touched Nic again.

Nic and Duke, Tira’s boys, have been raised as brothers, their parents in a non-conventional love square (???).  Since they first saw Tira they knew she belonged to them, but when she pushed them away after the vision Nic and Duke went about their life, pretending that they could live without Tira.

Eight years later, and death is creeping closer to Nic. As both Nic and Duke are hurt in an accident, Tira comes face to face with a decision.  Watch Nic die and never be with him, or experience love while they still have time.

It was an interesting read, and I was entertained. I really liked Duke, but I’m a sucker for the surly, bad boys. This book was definitely smoking hot on the sexy rating. Ms. Julian can write herself some horizontal hotness!

To explain the reason I liked Kiss over Menage,  I believe it has to do with the “chase.” I like the fall in a romance. Tira, Nic and Duke were previously in-love, so there was no fall. There was a reacquainting period, but no chase.  Also, the world was a bit confusing at times (hence the glossary at the front of the novel). Still a good book for the genre, and I believe Ms. Julian should look into upgrading from Ellora’s Cave soon..she definitely has the writing ability.

RECOMMENDATIONS: This novel is NC17, adults only. Also there are two boys not one, so if you don’t like that sort of thing…better stay away.