Evolve: Vampire Stories of the New Undead

EVOLVE includes works by:
Kelley Armstrong, Tanya Huff, Claude Lalumière. Mary E. Choo, Sandra Kasturi, Bradley Somer, Kevin Cockle, Rebecca Bradley, Heather Clitheroe, Colleen Anderson, Sandra Wickham, Rhea Rose, Ronald Hore, Bev Vincent, Jennifer Greylyn, Steve Vernon, Michael Skeet, Kevin Nunn, Victoria Fisher, Rio Youers, Gemma Files, Natasha Beaulieu, Claude Bolduc, and Jerome Stueart.

PJV’s QUICKIE POV: Vampires fans, this is a must read. Not quite what I would call an anthology, this is more like tid bits, but enough to tempt your pallet. Evolve is stuffed full of shorts that all have one thing in common, good writing about the fabulously fanged. This is great book to keep on your nightstand to grab, read a story…and then tuck in.  Quick and to the point. Sometimes I would wish they were longer…so I’ll probably go out and grab more books by that particular author. I was also introduced to a lot of authors I haven’t been exposed to before and that was tremendous, because expanding my literary repertoire is always fun, especially since I have been so genre narrowed lately. Who me?