New Orleans, 1842 by Nicole Hadaway
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Quickie Short Story Review: Miranda, the vampire, Ms. Hadaway first introduced to us in her eBook, Release, makes an appearance in this entertaining short story set in my favorite city. Miranda, a young vampire at this time, has journeyed to New Orleans in search of an adventure. Almost immediately she runs into one, quite literally.  Mr. John Stevenson upon exiting a House of Ill Repute blunders right into Miranda…thus sealing his fate.  Voodoo, a little light and witty repartee, combined with some gory tidbits, made for a quick and entertaining read.

The short was nicely executed and wet the pallet enough to make me want to go on to read Release. Which I have, or at least half of it.  But I do have to say that reading a PDF on the computer is hard for me, because I’m on the computer so long — making me not want to read with the laptop. (And I’ve yet to figure out how to convert to work with my iPhone kindle app – any help greatly appreciated). Enough of that.

Vamp lovers, go out and grab this, why not it is free.  I read this at work, while I was waiting for a site to upload. It is a wonderful introduction to Ms. Hadaway.  Kudos I must also give her to the description she gave to my wonderful city. I think this was my favorite part!