First Drop of Crimson (Night Huntress World, Book 1)
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PJVs QUICKIE POV: Spade sizzles as the Night Huntress World expands. Yowzers I think I want me my own personal vamp too. Frost delivers a sexy, fun, and still a little bit deep paranormal romance all wrapped up in the happy world she introduced in her earlier books featuring Cat and Bones. 
REVIEW: Denise, having just lost her husband the year previously in a vampire war, has sworn off the violent world of the undead. Unfortunately for her, the paranormal world will not leave her alone. Face to face with a demon named Raum, Denise now has very little time to track down a long lost relative to hand over to Raum, or watch her family die. She desperately tries to track down her best friend Cat and Cat’s husband Bones, but it has been awhile since they spoke, so she can’t handle up on any working numbers.  A number she does have is Bone’s sexy friend, Spade, vampire extraordinaire, and not someone Denise is fond of contacting. Biting the bullet she makes the call and Spade swoops down to help Denise in her time of need, because like her he is loathe to get Bones involved in something so dangerous as dealings with Demons.
Spade and Denise set out on a break-neck journey trying to track down Denise’s relative. From England, to Vegas, to Monaco, they span the globe in search of the soul welsher…and the entire time they are in complete denial of their feelings for each other. Spade could never have the hots for a human, and Denise wants nothing to do with the vampire world. Back-stories, prejudices and hot tempers lead to a very tumultuous romance…and a great read.  I agree with my fellow BWB babes, one of the best PNRs I’ve read in awhile. 
Down points, Denise was a bit of a wimpy wank, but made up for it in the end. Grrr.  Some of the novel did drag after they initially hooked up, after you got through the foreplay I felt the cuddling lasted a bit too long. Pretty much thought the novel could have ended quickly after that. The usual romance blue print applied – Meet – Attraction – Deny Attraction – Flirt – Hook up – Break -up when “secret” is revealed – Hook back up – Get Hitched.  Just the time between Hook up and Break up were long and drawn out, and then there was like no time between break up and hook back up…soooo well I think that could have been better.
Good points. Great characters, plot was interesting. There were some plot threads that were a bit predictable and defied logic but all in all they were “real”. Denise was a very likable character and so was Spade. Even characters I don’t like in the Cat/Bones books, I actually liked in this book (IAN).  Also there were a few tidbits in the book that was amusing and I thought were very witty.  Like the demon wearing a Got Brimstone? tee. Too funny.
RECOMMENDATIONS: Adults only, typical PNR.  Fans of vamps, the Cat and Bones series, and paranormal romance, a must read.
RUMINATIONS: -new feature- (Spoiler Alert): My fav scene in this book was when Ian busted in on Spade and Denise. Made me really like that guy. I sooo see an Ian book. That should be interesting. The next book was blurbed at the end of this one as featuring Mencheres (sp?).
Discussion Quesitons:

Denise and Spades chemistry sparks more than a firecracker on the 4rth of July. Did you like the chemistry between them and did you feel the development of the relationship work?

I liked it, and felt it was believable. I find a lot of PNR does this fated/love thing that drives me crazy, whereas Spade and Denis had the whole, initial attraction, but then they are turned off because of their current situations etc., so they went into the romance kicking and screaming, so-to-speak.  It really worked for me and was very believable.  The shower…OMG. 

Have you read the Cat & Bones series? Denise is such a different (wimpier) character than Cat… did that make a difference to you?

Yes, I have read the Cat & Bones series. Let me break it down for you.  The Night Huntress books are UF books wrapped up with a romance flavor. First Drop – total PNR (paranormal romance). Cat is your typical UF (Urban Fantasy), arse kicking, trash talking, stubborn protagonist. Denise is your A-Typical romance heroine, meek, but strong-willed, damaged because of past tragedy, all set on changing her world for the better and not even looking for love (need expansion on this type of character pick up any Nora Roberts novel). I’m not always (usually never) a fan of the romance protagonist, but Denise worked for me, probably because in the end she turned into a UF character…when she kicked Raum’s bootie.

LIGHTNING ROUND. Identify your top three favorite PNR series.  “There are too many!” is not an answer. Neither is more than three.  Name the top three. Ready…..go!

The Black Dagger Brotherhood, Night Huntress, Jane True Series.

Sizzle or Fizzle?