Pleasure of a Dark Prince (Immortals After Dark)3 people did not get back to me for the Kresley Cole’s, Pleasure of a Dark Prince (Immortals After Dark) …. even though I did email! I can’t email from work right now, so new winners please email me your address.  Put WINNER in subject line please.

Oh an word of advice… Google Alerts for your name, really is helpful.  That is how I’ve discovered a few giveaway wins on that one. You can’t go through all of your Reader everday.

New Winners:
#310 Judi S @ Sidhe Vicious
#312 The Book Vixen
#80 Hailey Edwards

48 hours to respond – ding ding ding… if now response I will do the famous quickie Twitter giveaway that J.Kaye perfected. Twitter: @parajunkee

Original Winners with no-replies scratched:
Chosen by out of 542 entries.

#67 Ferishia
#430 Ivy @ Book Reader Times
#447 Jamie – Book Junkie
#486 Jennifer Lilley
#265 Ruby E
#349 Rosie Carlo
#419 Patti
#226 Barbara Elness

#427 elizabeth