Angelology: A NovelAngelology by Danielle Trussoni
ARC review provided by Penguin Group (USA)

Release Date March 9th, 2010


PJV’s QUICKIE POV: Trussoni pairs an excellent story-tellers voice with a unique perspective on an ancient being in Angelology.  The story had all the makings of a good tale, and a depth that is sometimes hard to come by in paranormal based fiction. The character descriptions and scene setting was reminiscent of Dan Brown’s voice and hype is that this book might sky-rocket to the top such as Brown’s The DaVinci Code.  Yet, whereas the voice and writing of this novel was excellent, I found the “sleuthing” tiresome.

REVIEW: Sister Evangeline is a a nun, living a life of prayer and solitude. She lives with order, everything is schedule, even her prayer time. She finds comfort in the strict guidelines and restrictions of the order. She is also haunted by memories of her parents, the death of her mother and the subsequent abandonment of her father that left her on the doorsteps of St. Rose Convent when she was only a young teen.

All it took was one letter, a request for entry into the convent’s archives to change Sister Evangeline’s world and to bring the attention of an ancient evil towards her.  As Evangeline discovers more and more she realizes that she is now in the middle of a war, a war between the ancient Nephalim, the giants of the bible, and the human coalition of Angelologist, that included Evangeline’s parents.

Well written and very detailed, Angelology pairs facts with fiction and crafts it into a tale of mystery and intrigue.  As I mentioned earlier I found the “sleuthing” to wear me down.  Compared to Dan Brown’s compelling novels of biblical mysteries, I found Angelology fell short of Brown’s.  From the beginning you know what the mystery of Angeloogy will be.  I.e. the title of the book.  Evangeline, even though witnessing these beings with her own eyes still takes a moment to actually realize what it is she is facing.  And while I really enjoy a fiction novel stuffed with facts, I found that a lot of it was repeated, but I did learn a good bit.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Fans of Dan Brown and paranormal mysteries would enjoy this book.

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