In celebration of the release of Hourglass the third book in the Evernight Series. Two of my BWB buddies (Tina @ TinasBookReviews & Emily @ What Book is That?) and I have decided to do a vamp week and feature some of the hottest vamps on screen and on page.  If you are not familiar with the Evernight Series, you can start with my Evernight review. We are also giving away FIVE (5) copies of Hourglass (Evernight Novels) at Blog with Bite. So stop over there and enter!

PJV’s Vampire Hottie for Today is Kisten Phelps

Kisten Phelps is introduced in the first Rachel Morgan book, Dead Witch Walking. Kisten is Piscary’s scion and an old friend of Ivy’s, Rachel’s partner in their runner business, Vampiric Charms.

At first Rachel hates Kisten, mainly because Piscary uses Kisten to bespell Rachel, yet Kist’s charm is infectious and pretty soon, Rachel and Kisten are hooking up pretty passionatly.

Excerpt from The Good, The Bad, and the Undead (Rachel Morgan Book 2) by Kim Harrison

If Ivy was the diva of the dark, then Kist was her consort, and God help me, he looked the part.  Short blond hair, blue eyes, and chin holding enough stubble to give his delicate features a more rugged cast made him a sexy bundle of promised fun.  He was dressed more conservatively than usual, his biker leather and chains replaced with a tasteful shirt and slacks. His I-should-care-what-you-think-because? attitude remained, though.  The lack of biker boots put him a shade taller than me with the heels I had on, and the ageless look of an undead vampire shimmered in him like a promise to be fulfilled.  He moved with a catlike confidence, having enough muscle to enjoy running your fingertips over but not so much that it got in the way.
Ivy and he had a past I didn’t want to know about, since she had been a very practicing vamp at the time.  I was always struck with the impression that if he couldn’t have her, he’d be happy with her roommate.  Or the girl next door.  Or the woman he met on the bus this morning…
“Evening, love,” he breathed in a fake English accent, his eyes amused because he had surprised me.
I pushed him back with a finger. “Your accent stinks. Go away until you get it right.” But my pulse increased, and a faint, pleasant tickle from the scar on my neck brought all my proximity alarms into play.

Can you say yum???