Shadow Blade (Shadowchasers)Shadow Blade by Seressia Glass
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PJV’s Quickie POV: Started off with a bang and ended with a fizzle. Shadow Blade had the potential of greatness…but then it drifted and I lost interest. This really upset me, because I was really enjoying the beginning.

Review: Kira is a Shadowchaser. She was abandoned by her adoptive parents after she almost killed their daughter on accident. When Glass introduced Kira and her powers, ROGUE from X-Men popped into my head. Kira can literally suck the life out of people as she reads all of their past deeds.

When her handler is killed by a seeker demon after leaving her with a 4,000 year old dagger, Kira swears revenge and goes on a break neck adventure to get revenge on her handler’s killer. She gets derailed very quickly as she comes into contact with a Nubian warrior that claims he is the dagger’s rightful owner.

It was when Mr. Nubian showed up that the book went to Hell in a hand-basket.  Kira went from this strong kick butt character to an unsure, softie, all contemplative because she can finally touch someone and I could have been like “Oh that’s ok,” if maybe they would have had a bit of sexual tension, but I found Kira showed more interested in the demigod companion than she did the Nubian. Which was odd.

The writing was excellent though. Ms. Glass has a great voice and Kira’s character was well developed in the beginning. There was a lot of interesting back story, with a lot of African mythology references, which was interesting, since this is not an area I’m that familiar with (always got sidetracked by those pesky Greeks).

Recommendations: Adult, urban fantasy readers.

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