1. Have you read Twilight? How did The Host compare to Meyer’s YA series?
    1. Yes, I’ve read Twilight. I don’t know if she would have written under a pen, that I would have recognized this as Meyer’s writing. The only thing comparable was the self-sacrificing heroine. This was such a scifi novel…so very different from the Twiligh Series.
  2. A lot of readers have expressed dislike for the immense amount of inner dialogue in The Host. Did you feel the novel lacked action?
    1. I went int thinking that it would drive me crazy, but it seemed well done and I enjoyed it.  The inner dialogue is very integral to the plot of the novel, I really don’t think there would be any way else to have done it.
  3. Do you feel the ending hinted at a sequel? If so, would you read The Host #2?
    1. I did feel it hinted at a sequel, and yes I will probably read #2 if it comes out. SM has been quoted by MTV as saying that there would be two more books, “The Soul,” and then “The Seeker.”