Thought I would share a few of the pics from Bourbon Street this past weekend.  This is the reason I have been talking with a rasp, my neck is crinked and I’ve had a headache for the last 4 days. My hubby (down and to the right) was the photographer.

We could barely find parking and had to park at Canal Place on the corner of Canal Street & Decatur. Then each elevator was crammed full of people, and we were humping 3 1/2 peeps, and a huge stroller filled with all our crapola.  This was a glass elevator.  Anya was scared…and being crammed in there I think I look a bit worried. 

Our rooms were on Bourbon Street & Conti Street.  Great location, except for the fact that our balcony was directly across from Temptations and The Cabaret (strip clubs – so we got a lot of “eyefuls”)
It was kinda cold also. Windy, cold. I tried out my shadowed eye make-up look so I wouldn’t look like quite the boy in my pink skull saints cap and my baggy saints hoodie.
I know this isn’t paranormal, but just thought I would share a little moment in New Orleans history.  The place is crazy now. And Mardi Gras is next week!