Original Sin (Seven Deadly Sins)  Original Sin by Allison Brennan

Review copy provided by Tricia Carr of Meryl L. Moss Media Relations, Inc.

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PJV’s Quickie POV:   An action packed thriller, filled with demons and evil witches that will have your spine shivering. The novel digs in after a few chapters and doesn’t let go, sending you on an adventure that is reminiscent of the final throws of Sunnydale (Buffy the Vampire Slayer). My knuckles were white throughout most of this novel as the protagonist battled demon after demon, fighting for her life and the future of mankind. With each page more and more was revealed as layer upon layer of religious background, forensics, demonology, showed of the immense amounts of research the author must have put in to pen this series.
Review:    Moira is a witch.  A witch descended from a long line of magic and evil.  Her mother conceived her for the soul purpose of sacrificing her to Hell to be used as a conduit between the worlds.  A goddess her mother had said, one that walks both worlds, yet none. Moira knew the truth though, she wouldn’t be a goddess, she would be a slave. She escaped and found solace with her mother’s enemy, the priests of the order of St. Michael’s. She learned to battle the forces of evil, she learned faith and she also learned to love.

Her mother would not stop until she was either found, or destroyed.  And all it took was one error on Moira’s part, and everything she had came crashing down upon her and she barely escaped with her life. Her life, faith and reputation in tatters, Moira sets off to do the one thing she was destined to do, find and kill her mother. Her mother Fiona has other plans though…

Original Sin surprised me.  Within the first two chapters I was actually getting to the point where I thought I might have to put it aside. It was moving slowly, well written but nothing was sucking me in.  Boy was I surprised as I got deeper in the book and couldn’t put the thing down! Action sequence after action sequence, Original Sin, definitely wasn’t boring anymore. I’m very glad I didn’t give in and push it to the side.  Original Sin has it all, great characters, fast moving plot, detailed background, excellent tone and chills and thrills to make you want to run to the nearest church and say a few Hail Marys.

PJ Fact #42, raised Catholic, very Catholic (didn’t go to a day of public school) and the Catholic religion is a big focus of this novel, and it was done well. Nothing like reading about warrior priests to bring back childhood memories.  Some of those Jesuits looked like they’ve taken down a demon or two. Beside bringing out repressed Catholic memories the book did more than just entertain. Well worth the money, and from what I could tell, very easy to find, since I saw rows and rows of the book at every store I went to this weekend, from Rite Aid to Sam’s.

Recommendations:   Adult book for adult readers, there is violence, sex and a smidge of cursing.  This is not what I would call a Paranormal Romance, there are a lot of “I Love Yous” from various characters, but the romance is not the main focus, it is the battle between good an evil.  A nice introductory PNR if you are a fan of thrillers. Fans of horror, authors like Koontz and King should take a look.