Dakota SkyeDakota Skye starring Eileen April Boylan, J.B. Ghuman Jr., Ian Nelson
Brought to PJV by Netflix

PJV’s Quickie POV: Cute, Indie and made me feel cooler than I am by watching it.

Review: Dakota Skye has a super power. She knows the truth no matter what they say. Dakota’s super power is screwing up her life. She can’t see past all the lies that everyone spurts.  Lie after lie after lie.  Even her boyfriend who says he loves her doesn’t really mean it.  He meant it the first two times he said it, or at least he believed it, but now it doesn’t mean a thing.  But, he’s a nice guy, and he treats her good, so she puts up with it.  Her best friend doesn’t even like her, she’s pretty sure she doesn’t even like herself. Dakota is really at a breaking part when compulsively honest Jonah strolls into to town and she believes she has met the antithesis of her power, or she is falling for him.

Thought this was going to be a time filler, it turned into a enjoyable watch.  Really liked the premise, liked the acting and by the end had a big old crush on Jonah {Ian Nelson}.

Recommendations: Movie is rated R for sexuality, language, drug use…you name it.  No violence though. Follow the rating system, though about teens, would keep it 16/17+