Gentlemen Prefer Succubi (Succubus Diaries) Gentlemen Prefer Succubi (Succubus Diaries) by Jill Myles
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PJV’s Quickie POV: I have to admit, I’m not as addicted to Paranormal Romance as I am to the grittier Urban Fantasy.  I use PNR and regular Romance as quickie “feel good” reads, because this is what they usually are.  Not much depth, a little bit of hanky panky and some happily-ever-after to make you go “Aww” at the end. While Gentlemen Prefer Succubi (Succubus Diaries) comes from the same mold as your usual PNR novels, there are a lot of exciting original ideas, and new takes on old subjects. The writing style did remind me of authors such as Katie MacAlister (Crouching Vampire, Hidden Fang: A Dark Ones Novel) but while witty, it wasn’t silly and there was an underlying darker side to the novel. Ms. Myles painted a unique picture on the world of paranormal, her writing style was edgy, witty and entertaining.  The novel was very sexy and had me glued to the pages, wondering what was going to happen next.

Review: Jackie Brighton has just experienced the worst night of her life.  After having sex with a complete stranger, the same stranger, whom all she can remember about him are his eyes and certain other parts of his anatomy, dumped her in a dumpster and left her for dead. Jackie’s life has never been the same since, which is unfortunate, because she liked her boring dumpy life…even if it was lacking in the excitement category.

Jackie is now a succubus, forced by an all-consuming need to have sex every other day.  Now the slightest thing turns her into a quivering sex-crazed lunatic, and her new best friend is a well-known porn star. Oh, and now she seems to be attracting everything male in the vicinity, including but not limited to, angels, fallen angels, vampires and the occasional doorman. Jackie has never been a girl to be desired and now she can’t walk five steps without someone ogling her or trying to get in her pants. It’s been quite a life change for Jackie.

I have to give to Myles, the book was very entertaining.  The tone was impressive in how it had a comedic feel but also managed to work through dark parts of the novel. The character of Jackie, Noah, Remy and Zane were all well developed and likable characters. Myles’ plot-lines followed through and her background story was very well laid out and while not completely original it did have fresh takes on old ideas.

Where my disappointment did lie was in the triviality of the story when it came to Jackie’s transformation into the supernatural world.  Like most PNR and UF novels, Jackie is your human main character who finds herself changing into a paranormal creature.  This is where I thought the novel was a bit well “Cinderellaesque”. Jackie a size 14, dumpy, nerdy chick, gets bitten and sexed into becoming a Succubus.  Now, her hair brightens, her waist thins, her features get enhanced and B cup Jackie is now DD Jackie pa-dow.  Every chubby chicks wet dream right? Pair that off with hotter than Brad Pitt fallen angels with appendages the size of baby arms, fighting over your affections with smokin’ hot, bad boy vampires with stamina for days…well I guess it was just too fantasy-like. And then of course the whole time she resisted.  From what I could discern Jackie had only had one sexual partner before her succubus transformation, yet, and I don’t want to give away spoilers, but the ending while I thought was appropriate, definitely showed she came a long way since her transformation.

Other than that – the novel was a great read and I will be reading the second installment Succubi Like It Hot (The Succubus Diaries). While a sore spot for me, Jackie’s descent into the supernatural world is something that any chick would love to participate in.

Reccomendations: PNR fans will not be disappointed, but I don’t think this is a good introduction to the sub-genre, it might be a little much for some. This is not for younger readers, strong language and sexual encounters make up a good majority of the novel, parents, I wouldn’t recommend passing this on to your kids.  This is also not your A+B romance novel, so if you like your PNR very steamy and with added bonus of A+B & A+C well… you’ll enjoy this book.

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