Lament: The Faerie Queen's Deception Lament: The Faerie Queen’s Deception by Maggie Steifvater

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PJV’s Quickie POV:   I am truly in love with the voice of author Maggie Stiefvater, she paints a picture that touches the mind and imagination that I haven’t found in many authors.  Stiefvater truly makes reading a joy and I’m actually saddened that Lament brought to an end books of hers that are new to me and that I have to wait until the summer for the next book, Linger to be released.  That being said, out of all her books, Lament is probably the least of my favorites, but it in no way makes it any kind of bad.  I have a feeling I might be a bit prejudice since I out of ordered with Ballad, the second book in the series, or really the companion novel to Lament.

Review:  Deidre the main character of Lament is a gifted child, a true musical genius.  Her voice and her harp bring tears to eyes and render crowds silent in their beauty.  The tragedy of her gifts is what is attracted to the power that she possesses. The Faerie. We are not talking about Tinker Bell either, we are talking about beings without souls who are attracted to light so they can steal it and possess it and kill it. 

From the moment the first four leaf clover appears, Deidre knows something is coming.  A storm hangs on the horizon and she fears that it is centered around her. As she encounters a strikingly handsome and charming boy by the name of Luke Dillion she knows also that something is not right with him, but she doesn’t care.  As the two become closer and closer more of the world that Deidre believed to be fantasy is revealed and so are secrets that both her and Luke have been keeping. 

Lament is a shattering view into the world of faerie and into the darker parts of the unknown.  It is a love story, a mystery and a thriller all rolled into one, with the charm of a young adult novel.  The characters are so achingly real that you feel as if they are a part of you as the story ends.  The story invokes emotions both good and bad as you turn the pages, I found myself hating and loving equally.

Now I must explain why this was my least favorite of the three books, and the number one reason was Luke.  He was such a tragic character that I really almost felt that Deidre was too good for him.  Her falling for him I thought was a tragedy in itself, I would have gone running from him, screaming and I thought she should have also. Some of you might think I’m crazy about this, but I never could get past his character.  Yes, he was a charmer and yes he was a victim, but I still didn’t get into the love between the two of them, or more to the point, I didn’t agree with their relationship.  This could also be stemming from reading Ballad first and having some clue as to the ending of Lament before it began.  But I also have to say that I did not like Deidre in Ballad and I thought it would actually be hard for me to relate to her in Lament.  Luckily that wasn’t true, I understand now her frame of mind in the second book, I still don’t agree with her actions in the books, but I still like her.

If you haven’t read these books, run run run to the store buy them, read them. You will not be disappointed.

Recommendation:  Teens and adults, nothing to fear, just read the book.