The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book 1)The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book 1)

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PJV’s Quickie POV:  Compelled to read because of the impending movie release I was captivated by the rich and entertaining story.  The Lightening Thief is fast-paced and high-energy, keeping you on your toes the entire time.  Yet, I found myself throughout the entire book thinking Dumbeldore might pop up at any moment and instead of a capture the flag tournament they might all run out and play Quidditch.

Review: Perseus Jackson, known to his friends if he had any as Percy, is a troubled kid.  Kicked out of every school he has attended he has been moved around, man-handled and ignored for the better part of his life. Yet, strange things have always plagued 12 year old Percy Jackson.  Odd occurrences happen around him, so he isn’t that surprised when his math teacher sprouts wings and tries to kill him.  It does anger him when everyone acts like nothing happened, especially his new found friend Grover, because Grover can’t lie very well.

Percy is intent on finding out the truth, but the truth is a little more than he expected and he is whisked away to summer camp, a special summer camp for the children of gods and goddesses.  A special place where the half-mortal offspring of the gods can harness their powers and learn how to control them and become the heroes that they were meant to be.  In an epic fight on the doorsteps of camp, Percy battles his way in…just to find the battle might not be over and there are whisperings.  Whisperings that he might be a little more than just the son of a god…he might be the one.

While the story was entertaining the striking resemblance to the Harry Potter series threw me through a loop during the entirety of the book. It was obvious the author took the premise of Harry Potter and rewrote it from a Greek perspective. It was just too similar.  Twelve year old boy, orphaned, goes to a magical place to discover his true potential.  All the while the big baddie lurks…ever present and threatening.

Don’t get me wrong, inspired by HP it is, entertaining and worth a read it is also. The book definitely kept me engrossed and wanting more.  I will read on and I will see the movie.

Recommendation: Tweens, to Teens to Adults, everyone should partake. Harry Potter fans will very much enjoy unless you are territorial. The tone is young so go in and embrace your inner child.