Hey everyone! Natalie @ Mindful Musing is hosting a best blogs of 2009 contest and guess what I’m one of them! *Does happy penguin dance* But there are some tie breakers, so she has polls up on the side of her blog for voting.  If you don’t mind, can you run over to her blog and VOTE FOR ME??? I would surely appreciate it. Also there are a few other bloggers on there, that I’m sure could use your votes. Big THANKS to you guys for reading all my crapola and for nominations. 

And if ya’ll haven’t noticed I am at 410 followers. OMG!!! Considering not too long ago I started my 200 follower contest (not even a month ago).   Sooo Big Welcome to my new followers and extra thanks to my old followers.  Love you guys! Hope I’m worth your follow.  Enjoy the on-coming holidays. Don’t eat too much sweets, but please pass the Holiday Spirits – I like mine with just a splash of OJ.