Deep Kiss of Winter by Kresley Cole & Gena Showalter

A perfectly paranormal double book feature for the holidays! Two great authors, two great books to tuck into bed with during this very cold holiday season.

Untouchable by Kresley Cole

Daniela is a Valkyrie, most notably an ice princess from the race of the Icere. For 2000 years she has existed, hunted and untouchable because of her lineage. Her skin is like ice – her touch has the ability to freeze, yet because of her icy traits, she also cannot withstand the touch of another being, a single touch burns her skin. Dani, to her horror is probably the oldest living virgin in existence. Murdoch Wroth, vampire, warrior, former manwhore. Once becoming a vampire his heart stopped, and his attraction to women dried up, until he came into contact with Dani – and his heart beat again. Murdoch wants his new bride to scream at his touch, but not because of third degrees burns!

A very charming story about a very bizarre coupling. Untouchable has its witty moments, its tender moments and a lot of steamy scenes that were highly creative since neither character involved could really touch each other.

My only fault with Cole’s story is that there was so many sub-plots in this short tale. I knew this was part of the world she created with The Immortals After Dark Series, but she introduced so many other characters and played out their romances also, but just through narration. Murdoch and Dani really had nothing to do with these plots, it was like they were just mentioned for recognition purposes – “Oh such and such hooked up.” That was the only flaw I saw with book, other than that it was very entertaining. The inner dialogue was actually very entertaining and made their actions seem very realistic for the otherwordly plot they were involved in.

Tempt Me Eternally by Gena Showalter

Aleaha can take the form of anyone she touches. With a touch, her body can morph into the person no matter what size, shaper or sex. Her latest persona to hide from charges under her “real” identity, is the persona of Macy, an agent that specializes in the apprehension of aliens on Earth. She has gotten herself quite a package with Macy, nicknamed Lollipop by her fellow agents. Macy just happens to be a blond bombshell, who in theory can take down an alien pretty well. That is until a hot tip lands Macy/Aleaha and her team waiting to ambush a group of marauding aliens whom they believe are there to infect the planet with a deadly zombie creating disease.

t is not the dreaded Schon aliens though, but the goldenly gorgeous Rakans, who are just trying to find a planet to settle down on and find some female actions – considering two years ago their female population and most of their male population was wiped out by the Schon. No communication though, they just barge in, start shooting and taking out agents. The Rakans are powerful and they take all the agents hostages – but the leader Breean takes a liking, a very real liking to Macy/Aleha.

It was an interesting story. Well written and it kept be entertained and captivated. I did not enjoy this one as much as the first, probably because I enjoyed the characters in the first book more than Aleaha and Breean.

Faults I found with this book included a very unbelievable ending, it just wrapped up too easily that it had me rolling my eyes at the simplicity. The steamy scenes also weren’t as steamy as the first book.
Things I liked about this book, well laid out world. Very descriptive and interesting, I definitely want to read on in this series. Showalter has a definite way with her words, which keep you captivated and wanting more.

In total I recommend this steamy holiday duo for fans of paranormal romance. This is a definite 18+ though, so parents keep it on the top bookshelf.

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