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One of the most violent prone heroines that I have come across in awhile…Charlie Madigan. Single mother, cop, tough ass chick, Charlie Madigan turns Better Part of Darkness from just your average Urban Fantasy novel into an on the edge of your seat, turn-your-head-don’t-look kind of novel.
Charlie’s world is a world where the discovered two different planes of existences, or other worlds. Worlds that humans had coined Heaven and Hell in mythology and religious texts.  These worlds are not spiritual though, they are the worlds of just other races of beings and now they are a part of the human world.  With their introduction into human society they have also brought a slew of other potentially deadly problems. This is where Charlie comes in.  Her job is to police the other worlders, along with her siren partner Hank.
When a string of overdoses begin occurring throughout the city, the drug screams “other world”.  To make matters worse, Charlie gets called to her daughter’s school, a child, a friend of Charlie’s daughter has overdosed on the drug – now it is a race against time to locate the makers of this drug and find a cure to the horrible side-effects of Ash.
Charlie gets herself in momentous amounts of trouble in this who-done-it, explore-your-new-preternatural-talents novel.  You go from one action packed sequence to the next – usually where Charlie is beating their heads in – or getting her own head beat in, depending on the strength of her opponent. Definitely not for the squeamish.
What I liked about this novel, the characters were strong, the background was rich in detail, and the writing was spot on.  Ms. Gay painted a gritty picture of her world that had me imagining every last detail.  At times I believed I myself was trailing behind Charlie in Atlanta’s famous Underground. I also liked that she was a single-mother, you don’t see that often in these books. 
The only flaws of the novel that I found surrounded Charlie.  Sometimes she was just too much.  She was a bit too neurotic.  She was constantly analyzing herself, yet flying off the handle.  There was tons of self-discovery in this novel and I think it might have been handled a little more inobtrusive.  Secondly, with all the hot boys running around I so wanted Charlie to get a little love action, but *sigh* I feel a bit repressed now.
Yet, book was excellent.  Great read and I recommend it to urban fantasy fans galore.  If you like the Patricia Briggs, Mercy Thomas Series…you’ll love this one.
Thank you to  Pocket Books for providing me the review copy.
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