Kiss of Moonlight is classified as Romantica (Erotica) This book is not suitable for readers under the age of 18.
eBook review copy provided by Stephanie Julian

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Publishing
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In the world Stephanie Julian has created for us, there are magical races descended from the ancient races of the Etruscan, Celtic, Nordic, etc. Most of these races have died out, or bred out, their magic filtering from their DNA and forgotten.  Yet, the descendants of the ancient Etruscans have held strong to their past and their magics. One of these magically “enhanced” Etruscans is Kyle Rossini.  Tattooed, muscled, hired assasin – he is every girl’s nightmare – or for Tamra McMillan – her personal wet dream incarnate.  Which is odd for Tamra, considering she thought she was done with life, dating and all the inbetweens. 

Fleeing from her life, her memories and a violent encounter that just happened, Tamra finds herself living alone in the woods – trying to battle an encroaching addiction to sleeping pills to battle the nightmares that are plaguing her and threatening her sanity.  She really does think she is going insane, then she meets Kyle and his daughter Cat.

Instant, carnal attraction. Tamra practically throws herself at the feet of the male god that is standing on her porch. He is the epitome of danger – and it is obvious he is hiding something – but Tamra doesn’t care.  She just wants.

Whoah. What a ride.  This book was face paced and hot! One of the most smokingly hot first kisses that I have ever read. Yowzers. Kyle is a hot-tamale – and Tamra is a little hot in the pants chick, that is not letting some trauma get in the way of getting it on.

The plot is interesting.  The sex scenes are hot.  What more can you ask for?

Flaws that I found within the pages consisted of a few grammatical errors within the beginning parts of the book, but only within the first chapter.  Once the book continued the author got her groove and I saw nothing else wrong with her writing style.  Also, the plot was very thick with background and 124 pages was just not enough time to develop this very intense story line. Phrasing, secondary characters, terminology etc., sometimes confused me because there was so much of it. But this was all that I noticed.

The introduction of so many characters also led me to believe that this will not be the only Etruscan werewolf novel.   Excited to read the next installment.  Fans of erotica and the furred – a must read!