Let me start by introducing everyone to the author, Christopher Moore.  Chris is the author of eleven novels, including You Suck.  His wickedly, bizarre sense of humor and his varied employment history before becoming an author gives him tons of experience to draw on for his novels. Other novels he has written include Lamb, A Dirty Job and Fool.

One of my other favorites by this author is Practical Demon Keeping, which I found at my local library.  This is quite a find also, considering my local library is probably only about 1600 sq feet and has a science fiction/fantasy section the size of my personal library.  I actually returned this book late – just a day.  But, I should have taken a picture of the librarian’s face when she read off that I had a 10 cent late charge on Practical Demon Keeping.

“Fiction,” I had to reassure her as I dropped a dollar in the library fund.

You Suck: A Love Story  I actually purchase with my own money after laughing uproariously all throughout PDK.  I couldn’t find the starter/companion to this novel Bloodsucking Fiends, but I was assured by the clever and cheerful B&N clerk that this one was just fine on it’s own.  She was very right indeed.

You Suck while does come after the events of Bloodsucking Fiends went well as a stand alone. There were a few flash backs but I enjoyed the novel nevertheless.  The novel starts with hottie vamp chick, Jody sealed in a bronze body cast by her boy toy, C. Thomas Flood to protect her from her vampiric ways. He did, though, thoughtfully drill ear holes so he could apologize to her over and over again about how sorry he was for the imprisonment.

Cunning vamp she is, Jody manages to escape.  She had a few preternatural tricks up her sleeve and she just needed to get out so she could turn her lover and finally make things nice and even again. This doesn’t go over that well with C. Thomas (Tommy), though, and for a bit he is very angry with her.  That is until they fall into the sack and reconnect on a more carnal plane.

Tommy takes to his vampireness well, and even lands himself a minion by the name of Abby.  Witty repertoire, comical and outlandish plot-lines and some nail-biting action lends to a very good read.  This is one of my fav comedies… and I even recommend this to not so paranormal readers. You’ll get a kick out of Moore’s writing style and comedic voice. If you want to stay away from the preternatural – my recommendation of Moore’s is Island of the Sequined Love Nun.