Disney’s The Princess and the Frog.

Fairy tales do come true. Or at least that is how it usually happens in Disney.

Brought my 2.5 yr old to see The Princess & the Frog this morning and what can I say…Disney hit a home run with this one.

The entire theater of was captivated (this included an entire elementary school on field trip) as Tiana – a modern woman on a mission to open her own restaurant – sang herself on to the screen.

Faced with a frog prince, Tiana would only kiss him if he gave her some money… my kind of girl. But, oops Tiana really isn’t  a princess, she was just dressed as one, so the tables are turned and Tiana gets zapped into frog life as well. Quite charming.

Now, take this cute reverse fairy tale and put it in MY CITY! Give the characters real accents – not these faked out Hollywood french accents that are usually depicted. Make the “princess” a tough, motivated and beautiful African American – and wow – you’ve got yourself a great cartoon flick.  Enjoyable for the kiddies and entertaining for the adults. With a very PC message underneath those frilly skirts. “Wish on a star, but you’ve gotta work hard for it too.”

What made the flick so enchanting was the backdrop though.  To see New Orleans portrayed so well I would have thought that a local did it.  The characters were so real New Orleans. I mean the lightening bug Raymond, you can catch characters like him all over the place down here. The Voodoo mama cracked me up, because I know her, she’s always at the EZ serve by my house. Ack – and they even said New Orleans semi right! Noooawwlins.  None of this New Or-leeens.  Yeah go Disney.

There weren’t any vamps, but it had some ghosts, a whole lot of Voodoo, a smidge of romance and that fairy tale charm. Take your kids or take just yourself. (They had 3 single men over 40 alone in that theater – hmmm, pedophile or repressed adults?)