Inspired by a post by Alyssa @ Teens Read & Write I’ve been scouring the web for anti-Twilight philosophies. It seems when someone doesn’t like something – they blame that something for different problems. So anti-Twipeeps have labeled Twilight to blame for many different things throughout the world. Let’s take a look at what people are blaming Twilight for causing.


It seems in Ohio a teen was charged for murder; beating and stabbing an older boy that he lured to his home. Supposedly, two adult male lovers who claim they are vampires (the sparkling variety is undisclosed) claimed they used the boy to lure the victim.

In Des Moines, Iowa in March, 2009, a 13 year old boy bit 11 classmates. The Des Moines Register reported that the boy bit the classmates over several days. When a classmate reported the attacks, the boy’s father claimed the boy didn’t mean to hurt anybody and was inspired by the movie Twilight. – OMG!


Twilight is also being blamed for young girls running off and getting married right out of high school. One blogger even stated that teenagers should not be reading this book because it promotes girls to change themselves for a boy and run off with them at a moments notice and get married.
There has even been some hinting that the rise in young people’s divorce rate is because of the Twilight phenomenon. That these young women wouldn’t have married the “wrong” man if it weren’t for Edward’s insistence on marriage.

My response to that is,  shouldn’t it be a good thing that he didn’t want to sleep with her until her got married? People are never satisfied.

To take it one step further Twilight is now being blamed for corrupting the youth. Carrying an abusive message. The article even described the books as a positive depiction of an abusive relationship – and despite the mediocre writing, the popularity of the books is extremely dangerous to children. The columnist states that the books desensitize a generation of readers to abuse, that Bella is subjected to a litany of abuses and not only accepts it, but finds it romantic.

Direct quote from article: “People are able to buy shower curtains with Robert Pattinson’s face on them (as Edward). This way, Edward’s rapist’s eyes will always be there, after a long shower. Watching.”

He also goes on to state that Edward being permanently 17 is legally under the age of marriage – and then to switch it around, he is actually 104 and she 19 at marriage  – so that it is quite unsettling. Make up your mind hun – is she taking advantage of a teenage boy or is he an old fart going after a young girl??? You can’t have both sides of the coin.

The series is also being blamed for “romantic masturbation” and teen runaways. I just had to read on for this article…

What is Romantic Masturbation you might ask? Well according to The Vanguard, University of South Alabama, sitting around with your girlfriends and discussing Twilight, reading articles concerning Twilight and watching interviews of the cast is just that – masturbation. Well peeps I guess we are engaging in Romantic Masturbation now – yuck stop staring at me it’s freakin’ me out!

I just had to post this because this was just straight up insane – from a boy who believes that Stephanie Meyer emasculated vampires:

Post Title: Twilight stole my girlfriend and ruined the economy

“Women all over Australia were reading the books, not just once but several times. Husbands and boyfriends were being ignored, children being neglected; houses dirty and clothes weren’t being washed. Twilight was responsible for relationship problems and break ups, responsible for a drop in sales of cleaning products and wholesome food and has now been blamed for the demise of the economy. Men all over Australia weren’t getting the attention they deserved and went elsewhere on the search for non-geeky, non-book worm, socially intelligent woman who lived in the real world. Pregnancy numbers dropped due to the lack of sex being offered by the female readers. When sex did occur, 90% of the time it had a hasty end, because no one likes being called by another vampire’s name. Only couples whose husbands names were Edward survived and managed to have children. Nurse Meyer has pushed the poison from the syringe and it had just entered our blood stream, the worst was still to come.”

Then the grand finale: The Twilight series is the death of literature as we know it. – Touted on facebook posts worldwide.

So I leave you with this happy bit of knowledge. Books and Movies are like ice-cream everyone has their flavor.  I personally like chocolate chip cookie dough.  That particular flavor might personally disgust you.  Does that mean that chocolate chip cookie dough is the cause of Global Warming? No. It means don’t buy chocolate chip cookie dough! 

When anything new and popular comes out the haters come a-callin’.  I wasn’t around, but could you imagine the blog posts that would be streaming with Elvis hate? What about the Beatles? Bring it back to books, blog posts concerning Jack Kerouac? I’m not comparing these greats to Twilight or Stephanie Meyer.  I know the Twilight Series are not great works of literature to be hoisted up there with Shakespeare and Poe.  Just recognize them for what they are.  Books. Entertainment. And anything that gets two 13 years olds discussing a book on the playground, instead of Real World or I love New York or something raunchy, has my vote. Call me a Twitard all you want… but my vote goes to Edward instead of Flavor Flav, PS3s, Wiis, the list can go on and on.