I really am so bad about these awards. I get them and I’m delighted. I save the award to my harddrive and then I get distracted. The life of me…constantly distracted. I could probably get diagnosed with adult ADD or something. Whoosh. Trying to just be honest. 🙂

So this is who nominated me for this award:

Sagi’s Randomness
Escape Through the Pages
Extreme Reader 

Thanks a bunch you beautiful people you, I sooo appreciate it.
Here is whom I am spreading the love to:

Nominees (7):
Melissa @ My World
Jackie @ Book Whisperer
Tina @ TinasBookReviews
Jessica @ Jessica’s Vision
Sandy @ Pirate Penguin
Lily @ Lily’s Bookshelf
I ♥ Book Gossip

Here are the details:
Well, the Honest Scrap works like this. I will list 10 true things about myself and then tag 7 more blogs to go through the process. Here are my 10 trues:

  1. I live right side outside of New Orleans along the Mississippi River. I have a love/hate relationship with my town.
  2. I am very political – I have to bite my tongue from spouting off all the time. If I didn’t have a book blog it would probably be a political rant blog
  3. I have never stepped foot in a public school – untill college. I stopped going to school with boys in the 8th grade. College was akward, I actually had to wear make-up to class!
  4. I curse like a sailor (or maybe an airmen – was in the USAF), I am constantly embarresing myself by dropping the F bomb. Yet, I use big words alot, so combindations of s*** and supercilious in a conversation
  5. Yet… because I read so much and try to use my words, I haven’t heard them pronounced so I usually pronounce things wrong. Which cracks me up.
  6. I don’t get embaressed easily
  7. I’m mad at my dog and cat right now because they both pooped on the floor yesterday
  8. I feel guilty because a vendor took me out to lunch today and we are probably going with her competitor.
  9. I don’t know what to get my mother-in-law for christmas
  10. I have 5 tattoos – guess where??? Oh and BTW I didn’t know what a tramp stamp was until about 5 years later. I wish someone would have told me something then.