Fans of vampires and larger than life male protagonists – make you way over to the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward. Don’t walk – run.  These books are hot!

In the first book, Ward introduced us to the Black Dagger Brotherhood. Vampires, whom were not once humans like popular fiction usually portrays, but an entirely different species and the Brotherhood are the male perfection that guards this species from the ghouls that hunt the vampires. 

The Brotherhood is a scarred and damaged group of men, each with his own problems and his own psychological neurosis – which brings us to the introduction of Rhage. Pretty boy, adrenaline junky and compulsive sex addict – Rhage has a curse strapped on his back that keeps him from leading a “normal” life.

In steps Mary Luce. Human. Pure. Will she have the stamina (hee hee) and goodness to rip Rhage away from his demons?

Lover Eternal is a must read for vamp fans.  If you enjoy the Hamilton, Harrison, Harris series, you will enjoy these.  Ward has a gritty tone that sucks you in and keeps you reading until late at night.  Her characters are almost disturbingly flawed, but it makes you like them even more. Her dialogue is fresh and rough – just like her action sequences.

The only thing that drives me crazy about these boys is that sometimes they can just be too overpowering – and the girls a bit too “anything for my man.” Nothing too overemcompessing.  The books are still really good.