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I got my first taste of the Riley Jensen series by downloading the first book Full Moon Rising on amazon for free. I love those Kindle Freebies! After reading Full Moon Rising I was undecided whether I should move on.  On reading Book 8, Bound to Shadows – well now I have to go back and start over and read the series!  I actually enjoyed this book more than the first. Maybe it is because Riley has matured – making a go out of monogamy – and finally embraced her career – but I actually liked her a little better than in the beginning.

In Bound to Shadows Riley is on a Who-Done-It mission to find out who is beheading the local vamps.  And while this might be the plot pusher – the real meat and potatos is Riley’s love life and the triangle that is forming between her LOVE and her FATE.  I don’t want to spoil – but I’m pushing for LOVE, even though FATE is damn smoldery (is that a word?)

Because this is so late in the series, I’m afraid of spoilers, which is why the quickie review.  Also I feel like I would do it an injustice, by giving it an in-depth review while not having read the books in between.  I am now going to do just that though.  So – if you haven’t read the series, I do recommend it for vamp lovers and wolfy addicts alike.  There are some problems, which is why I’m rating as a 3.5 – but the book is entertaining.

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