Finding out about prior nefarious misdeeds of plagiarism and laptops care of anonymous comments I can not support this author. I will not remove my review…mainly because I don’t won’t to be said that I’m trying to slosh over it. Believe what you will. Thank you for checking up on me and my stance on hypocrisy. Have a nice day.

While stuffed full of fanciful prose and colorful backdrops – the second in the Mortal Instruments Series had me skimming way too much. 


If you have not read City of Glass do not read on.  Review is full of SPOILERS. Go out buy City of Glass.  Read it and then read this review. 🙂
City of Glass left us with one H E C K of a cliffhanger.  I was literally left reeling. Yet, even though I was fascinated with the world that Clare had created, I didn’t rush out and buy the second one. Which I’m rather glad I did not, because I would have been severely disappointed.
City of Ashes starts right off where the last book ended. Clary is distraught because of the discovery that Jace is her brother, and Simon is PO’d that he can’t get Clary to step away from the insestual thoughts she has been having and into his waiting arms.
Clare exposes a few more Downworlders – the fairies, and introduces us to a few more characters.
Valentine is still an undefeatable enemy, who now has very strong allies that almost seem omnipotent.
My problems arose in this novel because of the massive amount of worthless prattle that Clare focused on.  There was just a lot of nonsense in this novel. Simon and Clary’s relationship was focused on a lot, even though it was completely unbelievable.  Clary was only “pretending” at a relationship.  There was no emotion there.  The only time she showed real emotion to Simon was when he was on the verge of dying.  When he was alive and well – she just seemed annoyed with him.

Also the “bad guys” are just a little too much.  The vast armies of Valentine were just over the top.  Swarms and swarms – how in the world were they to defeat this?  The Inquisitor’s actions were also very unbelievable. The Inquisitor acted like a complete loon.  L-O-O-N spells unrealistic. Both Valentine and the Inquisitor are unwavering in their stubborn beliefs – arguing and pleading did nothing to waver them – so all the logic battles that Clary, Jace, Alec & Isabelle fought with them was just hot air.

Oh and where did Maia go??? Huh? She is like this side character that may or may not turn into a big character – and she just jumps through a hole and disappears? Holes Holes and More Holes.

What had me pulling my hair out – the Whispering without any conclusions.  What did the Inquisitor say to Jace?  What did the Inquisitor see that made her freak out?

I am hoping and praying that the 3rd installment is much better than the 2nd – because I am hooked to the characters and their plights.  Yet, I’m getting scared.  I need to know what Valentine did to Jace and Clary.  Clare has been hinting; The 1st child that was a monster, that isn’t Jace? What was that? Hint one that Jace isn’t really Valentine’s son?  The scar on his shoulder that means something important.  What is that? God, I need to know.  Killing me. This third book better be good or I’m going to have a stroke.

Thus ends my rantings over this book.

Question:  Which cover ya like better? US or UK?