Better late than never…

Jealousies raged on Twitter on Thursday as quotes from other vampire series authors came through bashing Team Edward tweets and sneering (if you could sneer via a font) at Team Jacob twits.  This had me laughing as I read the reports of the teaming masses that went out and watched this movie over and over again this weekend.   $26.27 million The Hollywood Reporter claims New Moon racked in the FIRST NIGHT.  Over 140 million this first weekend.  Pretty impressive for sparkly “sissy” vamps – as I saw they were called.

Even at my work the IT boys have pics of Keifer with handwritten notes underneath them that say, Vamps Don’t Sparkle.  But whom did I see in the theater as I looked over – hiding in the masses of middle aged cougars and hyper tweens? One of those IT guys – not with a girlfriend or wife either – he brought a boy bud.  LMAO. So…what is it? There is just something about those damn sparkly vamps.

Alright enough of my rants – on to my thoughts.  First opinion.  Kristen Stewart got herself some acting lessons.  Bravo. No more erratic Tourette’s like blinking and stuttering to show high emotion.  I really was digging on her.  The Edward/Bella interaction was a little strained, but I think it was a Rob Patz issue and not a Kristen thing.  Rob’s struggle throughout the movie was a bit more intense in this one – and I really don’t think he did as good of a job in New Moon as he did in Twilight.  Probably stemming from the fact that he wasn’t in this movie as much – and there really wasn’t a way for him to build up the character. 

Second opinion.  Wolf boys.  Now while I am not complaining about hotties #1, 2, 3, 4, 5… I was very pleased with the eye candy, but their acting skills were a bit lacking.  The Emily house scene seemed amaturish.

Third.  I really enjoyed watching the Bella/Jacob relationship play out.  It was well done, and while Taylor had some moments (his voice needs to grow in to his body) for such a young actor he did rather well.  He definitely had the audience thrumming. 

Fourth.  The vamps.  OMG. The casting of the vamps was superb.  It was the most intense part of the film.  Dakota was great, I didn’t see the little girl from The Cat in the Hat – I saw JANE. Scary!

I can’t wait for Eclipse to see more of these vamps.  The vamp battles were the best part, so I can only imagine what Eclipse will be.  The wolf/Victoria interactions were done so well, the cinematography had me dizzy at points but I still enjoyed it.  Bryce Dallas Howard will be Victoria in Eclipse – which should be a big deal because it is mostly action sequences and not a lot of lines.

Don’t wait…run to the theater.  You gotta see this one.