Young Adult Novel Discovery Contest – I entered!

Just wanted to tell everyone that I took the plunge and entered the YA novel that I have been writing (on and off) since Katrina. 
The contest is to give the title and the first 250 words of the book – and I guess hold your breath.

Here is my entry:

Sassafras Sojourn and the Land of Spice

On an ordinary street, in a backwater town, sat a not so ordinary girl. Her name was Sassafras, Sassafras Sojourn. The un-ordinariness didn’t stop at just her name. Sassafras had a long list of not quite so ordinary characteristics that is a little too long to list in the beginning of her story. But this is normal, if someone was quite ordinary, and lived a quite ordinary life, than you wouldn’t be likely to read their story. So, this tale starts with a girl, who sits in front of her new home with tears in her eyes.

Sassafras isn’t that happy of a girl. On top of not being ordinary, she is stuck in the midst of a very large, yet, rather quite normal family. There is a mom, who likes to read romance novels, and make little funny shaped cookies, she even tucks her kids in at night, with kisses and sweet words. She is even Sassafras’ real mom, she is the only person that belongs to Sassafras, the problem is she also belongs to quite a lot of other people. Her name is Jane.

There is a dad. His name is Jim. He doesn’t belong to Sassafras. He came into Sassafras’ life a very long time ago, and if circumstances were better, she might have belonged to him, but circumstances were a little off, so she tried not to get in the way.

Then there were the other circumstances. There were six of them. First were the twins…