Dark Stranger by Suzanne Sizemore

First off I would like to apologize.  Like an idiot I made a huge faux pas… and spelled the authors name wrong.  No excuses but I’m also reading Suzanne Collins…urgh.  Sorry!!!!!

Book provided by Pocket Books for review.

From bestselling author Suzanne Sizemore a new twist in her Prime books comes with the Vampire Book Club. Sizemore has created a world of science fiction and fantasy that revolves around vampires, werewolves and other paranormal creatures that are oh-so-fun to read about.

Zoe Pappas, human and heir to the Byzant throne (human ruling conglomerate in the far-future world) finds her self being taken hostage by aliens that the human world is at war with.
General Matthias “Doc” Raven, marine general, vampire, smokin’ hot hunk, has been in the POW camp for a long time. When Zoe enters the camp she turns his world and the rest of the prisoners lives upside down. The evil aliens are searching for her – not knowing who she is, but that they have captured someone of high rank. What will the aliens do next to the prisoners? Is escape possible? Is love between Zoe and Doc possible when a princess is forbidden to love a vampire???

First Prime book, first Sizemore book. I was pretty impressed. Sizemore implements good tone and she tells a story very well. Her vast Prime world was very in-depth and tended to confuse me at some points, since I’ve never read these books before, yet, if I just ignored some of the finer details I was very entertained. I will probably have to go back and start reading the first in the prime series, because the history sounded interested. The characters were well developed. I really liked Zoe, and Doc was a turn-on if ever there was.

Some downers. You read enough romance and you kinda get tired of the testosterone prone boys that swoop in and take control of “their woman”. Sometimes this just can be annoying. Doc had a tendency for howls, growls and grumpy “My Woman” thoughts, yet Zoe was a tough chick and she put him in his place a few times.

SPOILER: But this is a romance so you gotta know they end up together in the end…duh. When love was declared all controversy just went out the window. The jealous ex just turned into a happy apologetic kitty…the rebel and anti-empire protestor just turned into a blabbering ass kisser etc. I know love makes the world better, but it was a little unbelievable.

These were small points though. I enjoyed the book and my 2 year old really liked the cover. She would pick up the book and go “Oooooh Mama…Dark Stranger.”

This is paranormal romance in all its glory. PNR fans you won’t be disappointed.