I have been waiting to do these books for awhile. And what better time to slip underneath the covers with some hot-blooded manly vamps, that the onset of winter? Welcome cold weather, and welcome Black Dagger Brotherhood. Hello, boys!

J.R. Ward, while I wasn’t impressed with her new series, (see Covet review) the Black Dagger Brotherhood is a totally different beast entirely. The first book, Dark Lover introduces us to Ward’s world. A world that features vamps as a completely different species than humans, who never lived as humans, but instead walk amongst us, but not a part of our world. They have their own world, with their own doctors, their own religion and their own set of rules. Wrath is the negligent ruler of that world. The only purebred vamp on the planet, Wrath would rather fight, kill and seek revenge than rule his species.

There are only a few souls that can get underneath Wrath’s defenses and one of those is his fellow Black Dagger Brother Darius. Darius’ dying wish is for Wrath to look after his daughter, welcome her into the world of the vampires if she is to become one, and protect her.

Beth is Darius’ daughter, raised without knowing her father, she has no idea there is this other world that she will be very connected to soon. She starts notices changes within her body and is unsure about what is occurring, and how to deal with it. She also doesn’t know how to deal with the huge, hot and sexy Wrath that seems to be in her every waking thought. When she does find out what is happening to her and just what she might lose by this transition, – her life – Beth’s world gets torn asunder…and an unlikely lover might just be there to put the pieces back together.

Sexy, fun and gritty. Paranormal Romance fans should love the Black Dagger Brotherhood’s debut novel. There are a few parts hard to deal with – Ward’s tendency to switch POVs can be very confusing. Ward also likes her men really really big and really really virile – so sometimes the testosterone can be a bit too much. Other than that, these books are great and worth the time and the read.

Stay tuned…I’m reviewing all of the books, in between other features.