It is Zombie Time! Cheating, Death by Teel McClanahan III is a horrifying roller coaster ride through the zombie filled streets of Denver. The book is a short, thrilling ride…so I’m going to keep this review nice and short also.

The story takes you to Denver where some zombies have gotten loose in the streets – and they are doing what they do best -eating people. Melvin, who witnesses the first attack, grabs his family and skedaddles. But, escape is not that easy, and Melvin and his wife find themselves in a very terrifying and heart breaking race to save themselves and hopefully their children.

The book is well written, and the tone of the novel is consistent. The tone is narrative and almost apathetic. Straight forward descriptions are given of bloody gag-inducing scenes. This kind of narrative tone can turn some readers off, but it actually helped me keep reading. The disassociation of the narrator let me not panic as much as I would have when reading a particularly gruesome scene in the stadium.

Because of this disassociation though, I did have a few little problems. The characters sometimes seemed to be reacting in a manner that was not consistent in a real world situation. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have never been in a zombie attack and I’m guessing everyone would be in shock. But I have been in some high-stress situations and I think the characters reacted in a manner I didn’t expect.

Other than that, I was happily pleased with this book. Recommended for adults who want a little gore in their books. If you like fuzzy kitties, happy love stories and meadow frolicking with dukes that like to ravish…well I don’t think this would be your thing.

Thanks to Mr. McClanahan for offering up his book for my reading pleasures!

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