Welcome to the future, Suzanne Collins style. It is not a place I would want to visit, in fact her view on our future world had me shivering under my bed sheets. This book scared me and that is no small feat, since the last book that had me scared was Communion by Whitley Strieber and it was supposed to be a true story – hence the lights on for a month (did I mention I read that book when I was 12?).

The story is so well-written and gripping it had me believing that this was possible and in fact could be on the verge of happening. I actually shed tears throughout this novel and read it so quickly that I surprised myself. If I wouldn’t have had a birthday party for an aunt this weekend, I would have finished it in a day – I tried smuggling it in my purse to maybe read there – but it was a no-go.

The Hunger Games is a depiction of life in the near future where the former North American continent is ruled by an unforgiving society that holds its surrounding districts in contempt with a chokehold grip. The story follows Katniss, a citizen of District 12, the poorest district in Panem. Katniss has one mission in life and that is to provide for her family. If she doesn’t bring home food, they will starve.
The Capitol, the ruling body of Panem has other things in mind for the children of the districts – it is called The Hunger Games.  Each year there is a reaping, 2 children ages 12 – 18 are taken from each district, a boy and a girl – they are forced to fight to the death in a reality tv type environment.

This story is gruesome, touching, thought invoking…you name it’s got it.  I was so entrenched in the story that I stayed up way past my bedtime finishing it and then moving on to Catching Fire, which is Book Two.  I’m thinking about reviewing Book Two, but just the description would give away spoilers that would affect the reading of The Hunger Games. Let’s just say book two is one of those rare sequels that surpasses the first. I was sobbing…sobbing throughout half the book!

I have been reading a lot of phenomenal books lately and have been loving every minute of it! My hat goes off to Ms. Collins – remarkable job. I’m hooked and am in desperate need for even a synopsis on the third book!

I’ve posted the two covers – UK & US – as a first I like the US version better.


According to the Hollywood Reporter, Lionsgate bought distribution rights to the The Hunger Games, and word is it will be produced by Nina Jacobsen (Diary of a Wimpy Kid) and her Color Force production company. Word on wiki is that Collins (who is a former tv writer) will be screenwriting and release date is set for 2011.