Months of anticipation had me giddy with excitement over the premier of ABC’s new show V.

I was a little too young to remember the ill-fated 80s version of the series but my husband, who is a little longer in the tooth had enough memory of it to have mixed emotions on this remake. Yet, after countless bombardment of psychological marketing by ABC he was won over and watched it with little complaint with me last night. 

Neither one of us was disappointed.

The show covers the topic of alien visitors that come to our planet in the hopes of recharging and replenishing some minerals.  Yet, the show hints at these aliens, referred to as the Visitors, are not on the up and up. There is a bit of creepy, a lot of action, and the hint of forbidden lusting – between alien – human and more humans.  Check it out if you didn’t watch the pilot. Sure to entertain the lovers of scifi.

Also there are a few stars that had me sitting up and paying attention.  Hello head alien – that would be Inara from Firefly.  She looks very different, where did that neck come from, I must have missed it under all the hair.  Also, another Firefly cast member has a part, Alan Tudyk – I won’t tell you his part, because it might be a spoiler.  I also don’t think his role is that major in this series, which is such a shame, because I thought he was a good actor.  All these bit parts in other series has me hoping that one day he can land some kind of long standing roll.