Seven deadly sins is the theme of JR Ward’s new series, Fall Angels. Covet, Book 1, introduces us to the main character, Jim Heron, a former assassin who is now in charge of saving the world. Jim has to embark on a quest to redeem seven misled souls, if he doesn’t succeed all will be lost and demons will rule the world and take possession of all of the souls in existence.

Jim’s first redemption is Vin diPietro, real estate mogul and questionable character. Vin is the poster child for Greed or Avarice to use the Dantesque terminology. Vin is a lost soul, drowning in his possessions and his lust for more and better. Jim’s mission: turn Vin away from his possessions and on the path of good.

To sum up my thoughts on this novel? WTF?

Jim, a government assassin – killer of 100s of people – now trying to disappear into anonymity through construction work – gets this posed to him by four English, fancy pants, tea drinking, crochet playing, angels:

SAVE THE WORLD or else. 

Or else what? Bye Bye World. Bye Bye existence – everyone just goes *poof* and the universe ceases to exist. What changes Jim’s mind from the freedom he believes will appease him in non-existence? Well, you got to love this one – dear mum, in heaven – finally at peace, picking radishes or some such nonsense behind heavens stone walls. And, what is heaven you might ask? Heaven is a castle with a big wall and there are gardens where everyone toils away in peaceful oblivion – sounds more like serfs instead of heavenly denizens. to me.

Where did this plot come from, the candy machine at Wal-Mart? I mean this weak thread was all Ward could think of, and she is going to base SEVEN books out of it?

By the time I was halfway through the book, I was flabbergasted at how weak this book was. I have been a fan of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by Ward…which is why I was all for reading Covet. I was sorely disappointed. Here is my breakdown:


Vin had an immediate “love-at-first-site” attraction to the repentant, Catholic, prostitute, Marie-Therese. There was no development of love – it was almost fated. He spotted her, followed her, rescued her, went home, dumped his almost fiancé, came back, rescued her from the life of prostitution – he bared his soul – they had sex. Bam, done deal.


Jim – This character was not likeable. Ward made so many thin references to his past it led to confusion. He really didn’t have lot of good traits or wisdom – he kept on looking to random things on the TV to guide him, like he couldn’t do anything for himself.

Vin – Also not likeable. He was so stereotypical that it was comical.

Marie-Therese – Another stereotyped, beaten, broken woman. I liked her at first, but when the interaction between her and Vin started I thought she acted pathetic. Plus, I just don’t see a woman like this going into prostitution at all. C’mon if you are going to go through all the trouble to change names and the like to get away from your husband, what’s forgetting a few debts???


The plot was very thin. The entire concept of the book was weak. Out of all the Armageddon type plots I’ve read, this had to be the most inane. God and the Devil might as well play Rock Paper Scissors – that would make better sense.

My Blog with Bite Rating: 2 stars

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Discussion Questions:

Q#1 – Did you relate to Jim at all? Did you feel like he was a good choice or worthy of this mission?
No – I did not relate to him, and thought if God and Satan would pick this guy as our savior – well, non-existence here I come.

Q#2 – How do you feel about the tone of the book? Did you think that there was too much slang/not enough/just enough? How did you feel about the word choice in the book- did it add to your reading of the story or take away from it?
The tone was monotonous, the slang was comical, it didn’t sound real.

Q#3 – When the “fantasy” of the book is based on a belief system that is regarded as truth by some religions (the angels & demons) does it help you relate better with the story, as opposed to a story about vampires and werewolves?
Actually I think it pushed me further from the book. I’m Catholic, not devout, but I went to Catholic school from pre-k to 12th. Because I had such a sense and belief of Angels and Demons – this idea of bowling for souls was completely unbelievable.

Q#4 – In the opening of this book we read about a football game analogy of Demons verses Angels, even though this is fiction what do think of Demons being portrayed as “Good Guys”?
The football analogy was all fine and dandy, but Rock Paper Scissors like I mentioned in the review seems like a better one.

Q#5 – How do you feel knowing this will be a 7 book series featuring Jim and he might win all of the battles?
I think Ward better clean up this series, or after she is done with this one, she might find her sales are too low to get another one launched.