You know you’re from New Orleans, when you refer to winter as  “Gumbo Weather.”

There is nothing like the month of October, especially in the city of New Orleans. Maybe it is the psychological aspect but the city comes alive. The heat of summer is now gone, the oppressiveness of 90+ degree weather is departed and the threat of hurricanes is now at a minimum.  Halloween items start appearing on the shelves of local grocery stores like Breaux Mart and Rouses – and smiles appear on the local’s faces- they know they can now venture outside without the threat of heat stroke.
Yet, underneath the excitement of the Fall’s approach an awakening also over takes the city.  Night falls earlier, and the darker inhabitants of the city are now allowed to play a little longer.  I love this month, and I don’t know if it would be the same anywhere else. I made sure I came back after Katrina in time for October…I don’t think I would have been able to handle it anywhere else.  Happy Halloween everyone, and Happy October.  Parajunkee’s View got a Halloweeny Make-over for your viewing pleasure – and some great things are lined up for this month.