Lestat de Lioncourt
Born: November 7, 1760

Lestat will always be my first fang obsession. You can find Lestat in The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice – he is usually the main character. Other wise known as “The Brat Prince”, Lestat tends to be defiant, egotistical and a little too bold for some people’s taste – yet his obsessive nature and long lifespan has matured him greatly and has led him on a journey through the time span of the Chronicles to search for greater meaning in his life. I know it is horrible of me, but I tend to like the immature Lestat opposed to the purposeful Lestat. I like my boys vain…instead of philosophical and whiny.
Tom Cruise, or the other guy that played Lestat on the big screen did nothing to further my Lestat obsession – while Cruise played the character well, underneath it all it was always Tom Cruise playing Lestat, he never fully became Lestat. No Brad Pitt as Louis – took that character over completely.

Born: 1860s??

Spike is my first TV fang obsession. Most people might favor Angel over Spike on the Buffy series, but like I mentioned earlier… I really don’t like the obsessive whiny types, so I never really liked Angel – that is until he got his own show and started manning up instead of following Buffy around like some weird, tragic stalker.

Spike showed up on the 2nd season of Buffy, along with his ladylove, the charmingly, insane vampire Drusilla. Spike took the nemesis roll – and plagued Buffy throughout the entire season. After he is chased out of Sunnydale by Buffy – he returns off an on until finally in Season 5 he becomes quite enamored with Buffy and from then on their interaction becomes very strange – leading Spike to create a robot of Buffy. (This is when Spike got a bit weird). But it did led to that crazy hook-up between him and Buffy – and later to a love/hate relationship they shared after Buffy’s resurrection. All in all, Spike has to be one of the craziest vamps out there, but that is also why he is one of my favorites. And of course that British accent!

Edward Cullen
Born: June 20, 1901

Edward is the first character from a book that spawned my obsession both on page and on screen, so he gets special rankings for that. Edward, the impossibly, beautiful, sparkly vampire – who would have thought – doesn’t possess my usually bad boy obsession materials, but there is just something about him. Maybe it is his charming personality, or stubbornness, but Edward just strikes me as someone who could be very real – this is what a vampire could be if they did exist. This is what they would be like. I’m never one for the completely evil, or evil but for a choice kind of vampire – but I can relate to a Junkee…☺

Eric Northman
Born: 10th century

Oh I just couldn’t wait to see Eric in all his glory on TV…thus spawning second page and screen obsession. Sookie, from the Southern Vampire Series, describes Eric as, “handsome, in fact, radiant; blond and blue-eyed, tall and broad shouldered. He was wearing boots, jeans, and a vest. Period. Kind of like the guys on the cover of romance books.” Eric is all about the bad-boy vibes and doesn’t give himself to whiny obsessions, or woosy out-of-character behavior. In the latest Sookie books, more and more about Eric are being revealed…and his character has still yet to disappoint. I’m still not sure about his “true love” for Sookie – which I think fits his personality quite nicely, you never know if he is using you, or actually feeling something.

Dimitri Belikov
Born: ???, said to be 24 year old in the novels

Dimitri is a completely on page obsession. The love of Rose from The Vampire Acadamy series – he whipped Rose into shape after she returned to the Academy. I would love for Dimitri to whip me in shape any day. Nothing broke my heart more than the ending of the last book (haven’t gotten Blood Promise yet – cause I’m scared!!!!). From what I know, there isn’t a Vampire Academy movie or TV series in the work, but I wouldn’t mind seeing Dimitri played by some hot Russian actor…

His facebook picture is featured… 🙂