Keri Author, in the first book in her Guardian series reveals a new kind of paranormal hybrid, half vampire, half werewolf, twins Rhoan and Riley Jenson.  Rhoan and Riley aren’t accepted with the werewolves of their pack so they have made their home in the Directorate, the agency that policies the paranormal world.  Rhoan is the strong-arm/execturioner and Riley is an overrated secretary who delivers blood and other things to the guardians employed with the Directorate.  When Rhoan disappears and she finds a naked vampire in her hallway, Riley’s world is turned upside down.  Jack, Riley’s boss has been desperate to get Riley to become a guardian like her brother, so he holds Rhoan’s disappearance over her head and puts her to work in search of finding him and the mystery behind his and almost a dozen other guardians.

When other authors have introduced dhampirs, they have usually been human/vamp mixes.  They new take on the mixed breed was interesting, but Riley is mostly wolf and acts like a dog in heat throughout the entire novel.  I really have never read a book where the character had so many sexual partners and even lined up a few for the future books… it was a bit on the unnerving side, but since I’m not a prude I read on.  I was actually hoping that maybe at some point she would brush off her promiscuous ways and her and Quinn would run off into the sunset together.

Aside from all the rutting, the plot was interesting.  There was so much action that at times I stared wide eyed at the pages and just shook my head.  I think she was shot like twice, knifed, punched in the face, almost raped, ripped, wrapped, rammed…a million times over.  There was always someone coming at her, and she was always dressed in heels.  I just can’t see the battle between half gryphons and weres going over well with 6 inch (huh?) heels. You go girl.

The constant betrayals were a bit off putting.  I mean, she knew these people forever and had no idea even how they were employed? Much less that they were evil!

I might read on, I might not.  I didn’t hate it, but it wasn’t great.