FLASHFORWARD (ABC) EpisoDE 101 – No More Good Days

Synopsis: An unknown black out occurs world-wide and leaves the world in chaos.  Humans are only out for two minutes and seventeen seconds, but it is enough time to rock the world to its core.  For as they were unconscious each person got a glimpse of their own life six months in the future. Everyone is left wondering is this what will truly happen.

The show starts out with a bang. Total chaos, with FBI Agent Mark Benford (Joseph Fiennes) dragging himself from an overturned vehicle into the midst of people screaming, people mutilated from car crashes, and even a man on fire – and this is all before the opening credits.  (Put the children in bed people).  In fact before the first commercial break, I had gasped about 10 times, grabbed my throat, slapped the arm of the chair and shouted “No” at the television.  Pretty good for a show that was low on my TBW.

I was figuring Mr. Guggenheim (24, Star Trek: Enterprise) was a little too flashy – and this series had a little too much wow to be good, but boy their budget must be off the charts.  This didn’t look like a television show, the graphics, special effects and action scenes had the smell of movie studio and not ABC studio.  But, Disney (owns ABC)  is taking over the world one entertainment industry at a time, so I’m pretty sure they could spare millions for this pilot – but is it worth it??? Judging by the excitement over the show 24 – it just might be.

At first the show just seems to be focused on dealing with the aftermath of the black out, yet strange scenes – a kangaroo in the middle of downtown LA, the daughter of Mark waking up to quote, “I had a bad dream.  There are no more good days.” and a boy being wheeled into the ER knowing the doctors name before they meet. Something “supernatural” seems to be at work.

As you got deeper into the episode it became more and more reminiscent of 24.  The show focuses on the investigation.  There is this one event and everyone is trying to figure it out.  Very high impact, very on your toes. I really don’t know if this is going to be a supernatural plot – or a conspiracy theory with regular humans to blame. I will watch on.  The pilot was better than I thought, very emotional and intense.  If you missed the pilot and enjoy shows like 24, check it out, you won’t be disappointed.