Q#1 – What do you think about stereotypical characters? Do characters like “Honey bun” – the evil stepmother & Shelby – the teen acting out, bother you, or are you accepting of them?

I don’t mind stereotypes. Stereotypes are usually there for a reason. If a character acts out abnormally, people can’t relate to that character. What teen can’t relate to a pain-in-the-butt step-mom or dad? I know when I was a teenager – way, way ago – my parents divorcing and the subsequent dating bonanza led to some pretty crazy behavior on my part.

Q#2 – How did you feel about the immediate attraction and relationship between Shelby and Austin? Do you think it worked in this story or not?

Personally, I didn’t feel the relationship. But, I know how it is to be a hormonally challenged 15 year old. The second a boy gives you a compliment, you think you are in love. Do I think this is the lasting type of forever kind of love? Nope, didn’t get that impression. In fact, I think by Austin’s actions those feelings might be a bit deeper on his part – or is he just feeling indebted because he got Shelby thrown into that camp? Guilt can be a big motivator.

Q#3 – What did you think about the attempts the camp staff made to connect with Shelby? Were they at all effective? Did the staff have a point in their position on her personal life?

I have a pathological phobia of psychoanalysis. Chew on that mister shrink! I think people are too hooked on their self-help novels and Dr. Phil. I really think people should stop listening to what other people have to say about their lives and start figuring out how to fix it themselves. The camp counselors in this novels sounded like they were working form lines off of talk show. Which is basically what these group sessions turn out to be. I believe the people in group sessions get more help from the other “victims” than from the therapist…but that is my opinion.

Q#4 – What is your opinion on parents who send their kids to reformation camps – the ones who need to be “reformed” and the ones who don’t? 

Based on the philosphy, if you can’t fix it yourself, send it off and let someone else deal with it. This may work for your malfunctioning XBOX – but for a teenager. These parents should be ashamed of themselves!

Q#5 – Do you wish there would have been a bit more mystery regarding Austin being a werewolf, letting us get to know his character first and then the big reveal? 

Yes, I think the author could have kept of the “who is the wolf” suspense a little bit. There was really no sidetracking at all.

Q#6 – Do you think this novel has enough momentum for a sequel? There was some hinting at the possibility (the scratch), do you think this would be a good follow-up? 

I really don’t feel it does. The relationship between Austin and Shelby is not something that I see deepening. I can see maybe it taking a turn (or Shelby taking a turn 🙂 which could progress into a series. But from what I read, it doesn’t scream sequel.