Last Day to Sign up for Blog with Bite!

Closing date for Never Cry Werewolf is today – Sign-up will be closing at 7pm CST. If you would like to join our group review, today is the last day for sign-ups.
Benefits of Sign-up:

Exposure – Currently we have 22 members with over 2000 followers

Meet new bloggers all interested in the Urban Fantasy / PNR genre

Discuss the book with others who have just read it.

Author recognition.

Great reviews are featured and awarded.

About Blog with Bite:

Those of us at Blog with Bite love our books with a little bite.

We unite for a common purpose: an obsession with vampires, werewolves, fairies, witches, demons, shamans…ooh the paranormal list can go on and on.
What’s your favorite paranormal?
This is Blog with Bite. A group review club, where we choose books with a lot of bite, review it and share our thoughts.
About twice a month we will feature a different book, chosen by polls and member suggestions. We are trying to expand your mind to newer authors and great not-so-well-known series. There is about a two week period to buy, read and review the featured book. A review deadline is given and on that date we ask that you post your review on your own blog site and tell us about it. Come back to the site, participate in the book discussions and let us know exactly how you felt about the book.

Once reviews are turned in, the HBIC (Head Bloggers in Charge) will crawl through the reviews and awards and recognition will be given to the top reviews. These are not “pass-it-on” awards. These awards are given for true review excellence.

Join the newest Paranormal Phenomenon – become a Blog with Bite. – Oh and tell your friends.